Aims and Aspirations
As an organisation it is paramount that the Society tempers its aims and aspirations to its available resources, therefore the initial core objectives of The Erotic Art Society are:

- to promote erotic art in all its forms;

- to educate, entertain and inform;

- to provide a showcase of the best erotic art to inspire artisans and erotic art lovers;

- to adopt and maintain a minimum standard of quality and competence among its member, and to strive for the raising of standards in erotic art across the board;

- to review and discuss erotic art.

The future aims and aspirations of The Erotic Art Society, which will be determined largely by membership growth, membership participation and access to available resources, will include (but will not be limited to):

- providing a sales medium for buyers and sellers;

- providing core resources for erotic artists;

- promoting better awareness of erotic art;

- providing an annual erotic art award encompassing all aspects of erotic art including, but not limited to, art, photography, sculpture, modelling and literature (both fiction and non-fiction) and offering an annual international juried erotic art competition;

- providing an on-line home for emerging and established erotic artists to share and discuss their work, methods and creative vision;

- providing a platform for established artists to mentor and encourage emerging and new artists;

- offering a platform for artists to collaborate and to exchange creative views and ideas.

- offering an on-line exhibition space for members.

The Erotic Art Society will not offer:

- totally open, free unfettered general access on the open web;

- ongoing critical appraisal of individual images or for individual artists;

- discussion and debate forums;

- on-line video content;

- physical exhibitions (unless or until the necessary resources can be put in place to make this a successful venture for the Society and its members).

In founding The Erotic Art Society and setting out our core objectives and future aims and aspirations we are determined that the Society should thrive and develop organically; therefore, we will not be rushing ahead with lofty ideas and projects, or making commitments to members we cannot keep.

These core objectives will be constantly reviewed and updated where and when appropriate. As the Society’s membership grows and resources become available we will move forward with bringing to fruition the aims and aspirations set out here.