The Erotic Art Society seeks to support and encourage all member artists working within the genre:

- to avoid censorship wherever possible;

- to be welcoming and non-elitist;

- to provide an organisation where members can support and encourage one another, from general advice and constructive critique, to mentoring and teaching;

- to provide a place where members can support and encourage one another in their artistic endeavours and where members can express themselves not only artistically but with essays, articles and features.

- to allow established members to lead by example, by setting the highest possible standards to which newer, developing artists can aspire, thereby raising standards and appreciation overall.

Membership of The Erotic Art Society is open to all those working in the erotic art genre including, but not exclusive to:

- artists, photographers, sculptors, bodycasters, writers, models, performers, film makers and anyone interested in the creation and promotion of the erotic and sensual arts.

Membership is open to professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs alike who can show through their work the minimum standard of quality and competence required for membership.

The Erotic Art Society deals with all aspects and genres of modern erotica.

The Erotic Art Society does not support, advocate or condone the use of violence or force against another being in the pursuance of sexual gratification by one person over another against their will.

The Erotic Art Society believes in the right of consenting adults to pursue their sensuality and sexuality in the way they choose, and for them to have the right to determine for themselves what they see, read and experience within the constraints of legality.

All models featured by Erotic Art Society members in their work must be over the legal age of consent and no model must have been harmed or forced to appear against their will.

Membership of The Erotic Art Society is limited to those over the legal age of consent (18).

The Erotic Art Society will not support, promote or publish any material that is illegal under UK law.