Membership of The Erotic Art Society is open to all those working in the erotic art genre including, but not exclusive to:

- artists, photographers, sculptors, bodycasters, writers, models, performers, film makers and anyone interested in the creation and promotion of the erotic and sensual arts.

Membership is open to professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs alike who can show through their work the minimum standard of quality and competence required for membership..

If after reading about us, why the Society was formed and our aims and aspirations you would like to join us please follow the instructions set out below.

The introductory membership fee is £25 (and runs until March 2018). If you are accepted into the Society details of how and when to pay this will be sent to you via email from the address below.


1: Please send 3 examples of your recent work to the email address below.

2: Please provide a website address where your work can be viewed.

Once these have been received we will contact you by email, usually within 24-48 hours.

Please remember to check your email details are correct!

Important Note: to reduce the Society's administration costs, all our email correspondence is handled through Great Northern Publishing using the following email address:

email address

Until further notice this is the only email address used by The Erotic Art Society, JADE magazine and Great Northern Publishing. So please keep an eye out for our reply in your inbox from this email address and ensure it has TEAS in the subject line.

Thank you for your interest and support, we look forward to welcoming you to our membership.